Arena Playbook Discussion

Its pretty obvious now that arenas are the focus of leagues now. I didn’t really take them all that seriously before, I would just take my daily free entry and be thankful for whatever rewards I might have gotten.

I don’t think I have the teams or the tickets to be thinking I can actually rank in top 10, but maybe y’all can give me some tips to help me start ranking a little higher.

What tips and tricks does everyone use to get an edge in the rankings?

I don’t even know anymore.

I used to love old school in particular. In the old leagues I was consistently top 3. But now despite single turning every team most tries I can’t even scrape top 20 in domination. I don’t know if it’s bad rng or what.

The rest of the arenas didn’t interest me before and now I despise them. So will be interesting to see if anyone has any tips to make them more bearable.

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Its bs how much arenas affect your league standings now cause I used to do good but now t1 every team dont get me anywhere towards the top I could be 10th and few hours later I get on amd deop down to 40th and then I use another ticket and cant get any better opponents and endurance I dont even try

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Can’t even 1 turn in classic arena anymore, as it’s filled with Mia’s and Other outlast toons! And not forgetting the Mercer / Jackie leads :angry:


Yeah the old school arena meta will change, cos everyone has 5 star outlast and paybacks, or 5 star Mercers and Jackis. Gonna be hard to find t1 able teams eventually. Only unset defences will have them

Main tip: Turn 1 or die trying.

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I do think RNG plays a big role in how your arena matches are generated. Just today, I was going through the trait mania map, and at the high end were all the teams you would expect in that top end range. As I was scrolling through options, there were some 6* teams with higher point values than all s class teams. I couldn’t really figure out why a weaker team would be worth more points.

Stuff like this makes me think that even when competing at the top levels, you still roll the dice when it comes to your score.

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I mean really the only thing for it is make teams that can kill in as few turns as possible, then stay down in leagues until you find arenas you can compete in. Good luck

This is because the amount of points a player gives away is based on their best ever team grade, not the team they currently have up


this checks out, I actually only discovered last week that you were able to set your defense team for arenas.

Is there any advantage to actually setting a good defense or is it just at attempt to not be a big bag of points for someone else?

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Yeah you might give away less to rivals. Worth doing. Also you get small amounts of league trophies if you defend or get skipped

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Old School T1 team, 2 commands have 8% weps, vic and Jesus have %20 weps but huge ap will do best I can do nowadays


a team with weapons like that would probably knock out my s12 main defense :rofl:

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With the right weps oops

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I play nearly the same Team. Only just with double Maggie. Both with 8% and TP4 also Victor and Sandy/Davie with 20% to self and TP4 both. Negan Lead with ATK, hughe AP and Stun/Heal and TP4 too. If there is an outlast like Mia i try to Stun the Toon with Negan. Only Mercer and Jacky Lead constant let me fail with T1 finish. With Mercer you could get lucky with good Resi Mods but with Jacky it’s over T1. Normaly i set up confuse and Stun Resi for Oldschool bc it’s T1 anyway. The Stun Resi works well a lot of times, but with confuse resi i just unlucky every week
@Lostboy1 would try a Stun on Attack for Negan for stunned outlast Toons :wink:

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My team for defense (Mia got 15/35 stun/focus):

And offense (had Negan lead with stun/heal 15/35, replaced with the def down Clem and moved 15/35 to Michonne to still boost at least Aarav):

On Defense i use 5 Star Mercer, Mia, Trupp and Conrad too. Good old days, when Conrad came out He was so OP just with the AD Gun!! And revive blue Abe with execution!

Outlast, even if stunned, will never allow you T1. They die on T2 unless normalized, which is not available in old school…

Yes that’s true…lol…it’s T2 then. I’m a noob muhahaha

Me too. @LadyGeek had cured me of this ignorance a couple weeks back :smiley:

To give credit where credit is due, @LadyGeek prompted for the revelation (most likely well aware of the mechanics), but it was truly spelled out by @DrJank and later confirmed by @Opie