Arena opponent max points for Old School doesn't make sense

I just entered the Old School arena. Note that this is domination mode so only best try counts. My maximum possible points is around 29k This would put me in 30th place max. The #1 spot has over 55k. Seriously? Top 5 are all over 53k. I realize the opponent pool is based on rng and you need to just keep using tickets til you get a winner but something is seriously wrong with the point determination.

Based on this total of 55k I can only assume that the top opponent probably is worth 12k+ or something (vs the average opponents that are worth 3-5k) My guess is this is because someone in my pool has an S14+ team (I know because I fought them in last arena) and this is the basis for their top score in Old School(?) Normal max team score should not determine max points for Old School arena.

Of course there is no information from Scopely on how these points are determined but total max team power in the regular arenas should NOT be used as a determining factor for Old School. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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This is correct.

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You are in wrong bucket. Just like me. My max is 62,5k now but people in Top 3 have 90k+
Im not even in top10. I burned 5 tickets and i cant beat my first entry score. This is bs


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely Please read this and pass along to the team. Old School max points should not be determined by that player’s normal max team. S14+ teams are irrelevant for Old School arena. This is totally broken. Old School teams should not be worth 12k+ (vs 3-5k for others) just because they have a whale S14+ team in the other arenas.

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Why not? If team grade is what determines almost everything in this game, from general, to raid points and why not arenas?

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Perhaps you missed my point. Best 5* team grade should determine max points in Old School arena. Your max 6* or S-Class team has no bearing at all on the strength or difficulty of your 5* team and therefore should not determine the max score.

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I agree, something is fishy here

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Arenas is a pure cash grab event to actually place theres no skill just luck in your pool in cash, im sure the higher spenders get better pools


I usually place first… cause I’m old school the way. But now I’m 4th and can’t get good s114 teams to play against.

Tucker: Then you have an incentive to refresh. If you develop an added worth on the refresh, like progress toward some ultimate goal–it could be a jackpot mechanic. Then you have incentivized persons to refresh so they’re not losing worth. They’re only obtaining issues that matter.

Tucker: Refresh till you see what you want and acquire the issue you want. Chasing the issue you want becomes chasing the refresh, and refreshing that box also offers you progress against some sort of milestone.


Doh those in a higher tier bucket always have a more favourable outcome when it comes to the amount of points being available :thinking::roll_eyes:

You defo know your bucket has holes if you cant break top 20 no matter how many times you try

Doesn’t matter what def is up, you can drop it and the team grade wouldn’t drop. And I’m sure there’s no way they can define 2 different teams grades as the player general score. It always been like that, once you hit a grade you never go back to the low one even if you sell all your toons, weapons, etc

Yes I know. What I’m saying is that normal top team grade has absolutely nothing to do with the 5* Old School arena team grade. Every team grade has a power rating. Just look in your team screen. Somehow they need to base those max points on the 5* teams, not their highest team grade which is completely irrelevant for this arena. I don’t know the answer here, just that putting massive points for someone with an S14 team elsewhere doesn’t make sense in the 5* Old School arena.

To be honest for sure it’s rng and spenders win the endurance events.
But skill players (low/no spenders) like me place high or win domination mods.
I love to eat those 37k +14S class teams. :heart_eyes:
We call this pay 2 lose!

It is definitely based on your best roster team. I did old skool today, and my faction mate was there, 20k points at 1.0x, I know he is S13 as he has Pete, Christa and Priya S-Class. It was worth 37k by the last attack. Thus I scored 61k and am 1st. Silly stuff

Great “game” design.

Couldnt agree more, terrible scoring system. How about one that’s fair to all, not good for the lucky.

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