Arena old school

NO old school arena this week?
That sux it was fun and nostalgic… oh well!


All of it sucked needs a major revamp especially with the trophies awarded I got demoted because of it and I never struggle to stay in a division top end every time until this monstrosity was introduced

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I have played 5* arena. Was fun and simple, no more strange things, love to release the dust my rainbow team… Ohh the old and good days…

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Spenders ummm well the “players” probably told them it was not a good event because most people have cleared their rosters of 5*'s because this is the 6* era that’s all they have.

Most still had turn 1 teams I’m sure

Sucks being a whale I guess and can’t fill that ego in the good old days. I for one was a huge fan of the old school arena and burned all my tickets. Guess it’s time to save my tickets till the next possible old school arena.

Until that happens :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: to the rest of the arenas


I wish I could have done them but was locked out. I have hundreds of 5*'s I could have dusted off.


It wasnt great just as bad as I remembered

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Old school and Draft are the only cool things about the game now


Word! :ok_hand:

Draft is cool.


Old School Arena is boring! PC is pushing to not bring it back.

That’s a shame.

Seems like things I and others like. The powers that be take them away.

Guess it’s one more step closer to quitting time

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Just set up friendly defense of five stars if you want to replicate it. I personally don’t see the big fuss. We’ve moved on. One turn teams were horrible for the game.

But I’m sure it will be back next week. Prob a rotation of some sort.

Seemed like a lot of folks enjoyed using five stars for arenas. Then this week they take it out. Such a dumb move.


i personally didnt like the 5* old school. my current account was started in the 6* era. also i didnt like not being able to use my full roster to bear on enemies haha. draft mode was less nice too. im. happier playing and buying tickets for the endurance classic modes. for the others, i dont bother much anymore

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I feel the exact opposite lol, the reason you hate it are the reasons I like it and vice versa . I think there’s ‘s room for everything we both hate

I enjoyed the old school arena so much that I started working on the fixed weapons for certain toons like Ivanova, Teresa, Sandy, etc…

It was a breath of fresh air in comparison to what I usually come up against.


Love old school and draft, think OS will be back next week or so. I’m all up for new ideas though, the “trait mania” looks super fun where trait advantages will shuffle lol some players will be bamboozled for few turns.

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Agree with this, it gives me opportunities to use toons that I don’t have (mainly promos).

Also really looking forward to trait mania, only disappointment is that it’s endurance rather than domination.