Arena not giving me points

So I been wasting arena tickets just to get passed up by someone not affected by this. Everyone else can’t choose toons. While I can still choose em but I dont gain points from it. In that image I had 32k points but my 50k didn’t increase. Rn Im doing a arena to see if the number changes. I’ll provided another screenshot

The draft arena is domination mode; only your highest score will count.

LOL. Given that arenas started the week broken, can’t blame you for distrusting the scoring.

I mean usually I never pay attention to the mode. I just do the arenas. Plus getting 58k in arenas is hard.

At least you can attack in arenas.

I can. Most annoying ■■■■ so far was zach, olivia, and dr stevens. Dr stevens is a hard annoying toon while Yellow gov is impossible.

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