Arena locked, we want gift!

Will you repair the damage caused? I was 3rd on my league and now all gone.

Thanks Scopely <3 (obviously ironic here)


ty for the 9th place, THANKS SCOPELY, I spent my tickets for nothing

Same boat my friend. I was 4th yesterday and finished 6th because I got locked out of arenas mid event. Still locked out a day later and have completely missed the “old school” event. They compensated me 4 ticket which is at least a nice gesture but overall useless because I cant get in fo use them. Rings are the real goal of the event and without ring compensation then the whole event is massively unfair to players locked out. I know I know typical scopely but still if were looking to turn over a new leaf now would be a great time…


I was in first place. I spent money on tickets. I want a full refund and compensation for the inevitable loss of the event.

And when I say compensation, I don’t mean a 1% chance at compensation.


It really is a shamble of a event if it keeps going. Thanks to another post on here I realized when the offered me 4 tickets as compensation they actually took away my 1 gold ticket I already had for the champion arena…

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They don’t even compensated me :frowning:

Have you messaged support in game? I went thru that avenue only because it seemed more people were struggling to get the admins to reply.

Support sent me a few arena tickets. What a joke. Thanks for giving me tickets to use on an event I cant open. BTW Im still locked out. Been locked out for over 24 hours now

I was in first place by a large margin when I got locked out, and I have screenshots to prove it, and not only that, I planned on defending that spot. So win or lose, I’d better be rewarded first place prizes and not given a poxy four ticket payoff.

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I didn’t get the 4 tickets. I don’t want the tickets. I want rings, leagues trophies and cans as compensation. They screwed this up. They owe us more than 4 flipping tickets!!


I have been locked out for two days… Sitting on 10 tickets I can’t use. Awesome job launching a new event, again. Comedy of errors

I’m back in now following the update but I missed the whole of the Old School stage, all of the trophies and the chances of rings. There seriously needs to be compensation for this sh1 tshow

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Here’s your gift: 293167_10151149690571276_1083057732_n


I was in second, ended up 7th, got zero tickets, lost all milestones, and still haven’t heard a word from support. Absolutely insane.

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