Arena Issue [11/18]

Hello Survivors,

There was recently an issue with Arenas where some players were able to earn points under “Classic” Endurance mode while other players were earning points under “Old School” Domination mode. This caused players in “Classic” Endurance mode to pull ahead in points without the ability for the players with Old School Domination mode to catch up.

We believe that the best solution for this issue is to change all players to “Old School”, which was the intended Arena, and adjust it from Domination mode to Endurance mode. This will allow players who were behind on points to potentially catch up to the other group of players. For this inconvenience, we will be sending all players 1 Red Quill and 3 Arena tickets.

Please allow up to 48 hours for these items to be delivered to your inbox.



Bruh the current letters rewards end in 20 hours


I’ve still got a 6* team stuck with 1 hit left. Cant use it so cant change my team… Blocked out of arenas… No letters. Me sad


Lmao is this all

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don’t attack, don’t do anything in arena. its still broken @ForumAdmin, because 74k + 71k = 77k, right?

And those players who did arenas when that bug was there got like 700k points lolololol and now will get more rewards, good work this week scopely, off to an amazing start.

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I still have it as domination lmao. This whole game is getting ridiculous


This is garbage… pathetic as always.

How about some real compensation? Give everyone the three gold arrows. We can’t even farm letters.


Can’t even have the 1st day of the week pass by without issue. And we better receive the compensation before this current mission ends because most ppl may need one letter to complete a word to get arrows

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I have same problem…

We should all get a orange quill! I can’t go into arenas to get letters, so now I’m down a arrow for the toon!

How is this a solution? I went from locked out being stuck in Classic to can’t play keeps crashing in Old School. Changing it to endurance only makes it more unfair to those who already were able to farm for letters and those who can’t play won’t be able to even if you miraculously fix the crashing and lockouts. Screwed up the the fix once again. Still demand compensation!

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Mine is still listed as domination and crashes and resets when I try to enter.


Brah…what the literal F are you guys doing? How did you manage to break something, fix it, then break it again even worse.



Its not fixed. Every time i try to enter arenas it crashes now

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Yep, domination still here. I was only going to use the free ticket anyway, but totally get why anyone who was doing more would be fuming.

Same for me

Toss in 200 wrinkled gloves and 200 work shirts and we got a deal