Arena hacker jumped from 800k to 1m points in 2 seconds

I mean literally 2 seconds
Hacker in Allen region
Sons of Anarchy faction

This gotta be hacks cause it’s not damn way this dude can get to 1mil in 2 seconds.

It is endurance so could’ve done the 7 in 1 twice. Js. Also theres many threads on how to submit cheaters

He is p13 and s16 team rank so he is a whale and prob spent and did the mulitplier bonus of 7x, not saying cheaters dont exist cause they sure do but also not going to witch hunt and say they are

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While this can be done quite easily in terms of points, the raids won and rep look really off on that guy haha


I agree that you should also follow the correct reporting process, but this isn’t surprising at all, as SOA did the same when they were in Adair region. Their shenanigans were pretty regularly documented in the forum.

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its kinda difficult to say if that player is a whale or a hacker, considering that he only have two seasons could be a good indicator of hacking, mayke you can try to report him…

Good catch lol that is strange, maybe they get all defends and have got rep that way also since those dont count toward win score

What’s really making me question here is that he’s p13, played only 2 seasons with 12k rep
What kinda whale reaches p13 in 4 months?
Plus Ive spotted hackers in Allen before and in the same faction

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Could be that he played in another region and joined a new one and started over

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I got over a million in old school, so I must be a hacker too. That screen that pops up that gives you 3 choices are points boosts after you hit free entry. All my opponents that I had to kill was 7x more the normal score with boosts. Cost me a few tickets, but I dont do arenas a lot.

Two seconds? Unlikely.

Using max tickets to boost scoring bonus while the scoreboard refreshes upon round completion… Quite likely.

Not everyone that score large is a hacker.


Please follow the process in this linked thread.


I am sure he had his stopwatch handy while watching…i am sure there was also no way the scoring is lagged behind because scopely is so perfect.

Prestige 13 with that low of a level and high of a team grade says all you need to know…the man is dumping tons of money into the game

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Hmmmm never heard of someone hacking prestige. Guess it’s possible. Hackers are so annoying.

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Would make sense if they’ve learned from their previous mistakes…full s class teams at prestige 13 probably draw less attention than they do at prestige 6.

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Who cares not scopely another hacker will just kill him.

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I mean
HOW THE FUCK YOU GET 800k within 2 seconds of the event starting?

What am I missing the timer does not say 2 secs. Says the event had been going on for an hour. Are these not 24 hour events? So if it was 2 secs why would he not of taken photo then?

When I say this post I went and looked in my arena had two people already over a mil in mine.