Arena event is just another money pit

You have no shame. Arena event is nickel and dime spending just for rings. Please give the players real events. Also you have bots in arena.


Rng on opponents. Rng on points. Defense not saved so more points given away if your team grade is high for your league bracket. It’s crazy how much people are spending even in a pitiful league like platinum 1. Scope will see arenas as great success because of this. GG


Ty for letting me know this for like the hundredth time captain obvious. Just dont play the trash arenas wasn’t meant for f2p clearly.

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Apex, get with it or shut it

Endurance is the P2P version and domination is the f2p version. Both versions suck.

One way to game the points in your favor is to wait and not do any attacks till a hour or so till it ends.
Points are determined by what the person got in their attacks.
So if you have no points you only give the lowest amount.

Sometimes, depends on the event.

The point is the tickets to play cost $$$

They also drop as a random reward after battes, and are available in events - a lot like war cans.

Are you sure? ecause I’ve been the first in the arena on some days, and it gave decent points. The official announcement also does not say anything about this.

I probably read it wrong with the in game message??

I read it as meaning what their combat results were when they attack. Because the the ones you can control say “your”
So if they do really well they give more points?

In my d5 the leading score was 280k like 15 minutes in and then it fogged over

No, that means that the more stars you get (the more of your team survive), the more points you get. 6 stars (everyone alive) gives you full points, every star you lose reduces your points.

I edited my above post but the reason I think it depends on their stars, is because the ones that you can kinda control say “your” the combat results does not.

It probably doesn’t say your because it’s not just “your combat result”, but the result of both you and the opponent - you won, they lost (or the other way around).

Look at the quote I posted, or in full context in the post I linked. The in-game message has to be short, the post can be a it more explicit in its wording.

It is scopely what is in the forums, through support, or on Line, can all mean\be\say exact opposite of what really happens.
The 2 with “your” in it are longer then “combat results” so space is not limited.
So far from what I’ve seen higher ranking people give higher scores, now this could just be coincidence ones I’ve past give less. But like I said this is scopely.

Yes, they generally do, because higher ranking people are usually more active or spend more, so they tend to have higher maximum team grades.

I’m testing it this match in going to wait till last hour to attack and see if most give higher scores then the 2k or so they give now.

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