Arena error = letter event lockout

Seeing that your most recent error in arenas has locked me out from farming letters in the current event (switched from Classic to Old School after I participated) I demand either my coins spent on this entire event be returned or segment twos letters or arrows be given to me as compensation. I have no confidence in your ability to fix the arena error so compensating the loss is the only way forward.


Same here, one letter need but I can’t farming!

I’ve gone from locked out stuck in Classic to can’t play, game keeps crashing in Old School. My arena now lists Old School Domination even though they’ve posted they are switching it to Old School Endurance. Put on your big-boy pants and fix this or take responsibility and compensate players before you completely break the entire game. Many players have already run out of waking hours to play which you’ve used up in failed attempts to fix this.

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I cant do a damn thing. Thanks scopely

im stuck with 2 atks and a 6* team on old school arenas. No way to farm letters. No way to do anything but watch my chances at mr jones and my s class collectibles disappear. Fml


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