Arena: Draft - The Basics

Drafts Arena

This Arena works similar to the normal arena except for the fact that instead of using your own attack team you get to choose from a pool of toons that are a bit random. (It doesn’t have every toon in the game, just a few that are rotated in randomly).

Points to note when attempting this arena are:

  1. Only attack teams can be drafted and your opponent’s defence teams are their own and hence can consist of multiple payback or bide toons.

  2. You can see the opponents teams before you draft. Taking a look might help you decide the best toons to draft into your team.

  3. While attacking the top 4 teams in ascending order is the only way you will place in the top 10 (still a maybe), you could attack a lower team instead of the highest and get placed in the top 20. Do this when the higher teams have those op toons that have payback, bide or outlast (Mia).

  4. When using point 3 above ensure that you still attack in ascending order of points to ensure that you get the maximum.

  5. Revives are better than guardians as there is no leader skill/mod bonuses in this mode. So to crit would be rare. This goes for any crit dependant toon including disarms. Also, you will have to provide a good weapon for toons like shield Magna who don’t come with an attached one. You may have to draft accordingly. EDIT: If the crit dependant toons don’t have an attached weapon and you have great crit weapons you could draft in some if needed.

*This is just a basic guide that I wrote up for my faction and thought of sharing. I am no expert and any mistakes I’ve made may be pointed out.


I’m just wondering if every team in Draft you can make consists of 4 5* and a 6* or if I’m just getting super unlucky.

It’s ridiculously hard to actually get a good score in this mode as sadly 5* aren’t going to do well in a battle against a full group of 6*

I’m not sure about 5 stars being in the draft, maybe that is league dependant, will need confirmation from Scopely on that. I’m in the Platinum league and my Draft pool consists of only 6*s, mostly premium ones at that.

Lower leagues get 5* but get def teams with full 6*

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