Arena Draft in Gold League

In case anyone wondering how broken Arena is at gold league level. I just launched up my low alt account.

I got four 5* and one 6* for my selection. And then you’ll see full 6* enemy teams. :joy:

And yes, some people manage to pull off 7-8k+ points.


In Beta they gave me 5 of the same 5 stars for my team and then proceeded to give me full 6 star teams to fight.

This is the way gold works for hordes too! your only allowed 1 or 2 6* on one team

Yep still managed a flawless victory againt 3/4 in the gold league im in. Amber was my 6* :wink:


Im 5.5k in Gold. #1 gets me 3 rings. Its the easiest group

Which almost useless. Do u have any 6* Maxed?

Not many but i can always save the rings

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Nah no way, they would have beta tested that and saw it was an issue immediatley

They did see the issue, they allowed 1 6 star on a team instead of none. What would we do without this great company?

Same lol. Amber carried me to #1

I also got 4 5* and a 6*.

Some hard teams too.
My 5* we’re Ryker, Stun Mirabelle, a guy that gives heals and +30% ATK and an impair toon with a really damaging rush.
My 6* was Yellow guardian Rick.
Managed to beat an S9 team and get into Rank 2 purely because of the rushes. It’s absolute nonsense you can go against fully meta 6* Defense teams when you have a single 6* to work with.
My first run my 6* was Pete Anderson. He was absolutely useless

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