Arena domination mode

Can someone please clarify how this mode works? Is there a way to get more points or is it all just luck based?? Cus ive never been able to place top 3 in my league, not even top 10 yet, its ridiculous

Swipe to the right to see other foes, normally more difficult, but more rewarding. Also, making a 5-win streak AND never losing a unit during these battles grants you the maximum amount of points possible.

  1. Start on the 5th highest points total working up to the highest. That way you maximise the multiplier. Only reason not to do this is if you can’t beat a team.
  2. Win as quickly as possibly. 3 turns or less can add around 20-25% more to your score.
  3. Keep everyone alive.
  4. Pray to RNGesus that you get opponents with high value teams
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You get more points now for finishing the raid more quickly, so players who have teams that can finish a raid pronto will be placing highest. This benefits those with multiple Sclass and high damage attack teams and disadvantages control teams that take longer.
Also there is the RNG of the match ups. If a players top team is significantly stronger than yours you will get more points than them, so you want to be facing higher placed opponents. This to a small extent balances out the speed points but nowhere near completely. This means if you ever created a team with Christa/James and Kapoor but only raid with 6 stars, you have put yourself at a disadvantage from the get go - and you can never go back from this.