Arena defense setting

i set my defense team as this…

but when im attacked it says my defense team is this…

is this bugged or im not understanding something?

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It’s bugged. Tried setting mine 10x and still shows a crap autofill

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It’s tough as many have learned, posting a trainer defence will win you the match (or at least tank everyone else)

So as scopes has all resources currently dedicated on making Arena work…
The events been brought to their knees by Burt.


The points your opponents can score off of you has nothing to do with the defense you set. The max points your opponent can score against you is dictated by the historical highest team comp you have put together.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Appparently we are all dumb because it seems that only Hordes doesn’t work as intended.

This is a big problem with Scopely. They conveniently use that excuse for Hordes but since Arenas came out it has been bugged and this past weekend’s bugs are over the top. Yet they won’t pull Arenas to fix it.

@JB.Scopely any comment to why Hordes can be put on hold for bugs yet your brand new feature Arenas is bug ridden and still goes Live?

If you felt Hordes should not be put back into rotation until further testing(which is the right thing to do if there are bugs) then I would expect to see Arenas pulled for the foreseeable future until you work out all the bugs and feel 100% confident to run it smoothly.


People spend much more in Arenas than Hordes. All they care about is money.


Same shit :laughing::joy:


We’ve been complaining about this for WEEKS… but scopely hasnt acknowledged or said anything…And nobody from that WEAK ASS player counsel has bothered to bring light to the issue.

The exact same thing happens to me too. Wtf is the point of having a beta server if this kinda shit makes it into the main game?

Currently bugged - was happening last weekend too for the champions arena from what I recall. For normal arenas from this past week your set defence team was whatever you set, but for champions it seems like no matter what you change it to, it auto sets to “x”. Which gives away points and trophies obviously. Hoping it’ll be fixed soon but you’re not losing it btw lol

It’s even pulling in my War name from last weekend. The defense teams don’t work because it’s pulling old information. I sent multiple ss, over multiple arenas, over a long period of time. All support says is… We don’t have any new answers. Keep Surviving. I would put a Burt up if it would matter, but it’s not pulling my teams or name in regardless.

Name from CRW. That was yesterday and I changed my name the day after war lol

Fyi… That’s not the defense I set… No one has attacked a defense I set up. Even after setting it right away.

Arenas should make you set a defence before you even start attacking. Definitely something that could be added to the game with relative ease.

Still ignored. @ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely

I’ll even add the pc.
@LadyGeek @Bane

@jboogie @Brucey


can we get a response


That’s obviously a bug which PC doesn’t have any control over. We’ve all reported it to Scopely just as many of you have.

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