Arena Def Team Bug?

I noticed that when I look at my defense history in arenas, it shows a completely different team than the one I have set for defense. Anyone else notice this? It showed correctly in previous arenas, so it is only in the championship Arena.

Here is a SS, and the team it shows as my defense is 100% not the team I have set.

done so score is harder, meaning u have to cook more to score

I was only matched with s6 teams two times

I don’t think you understood. The defense team it shows, is not my defense team. Has nothing to do with scores.

I have the same problem. I set a defense team but when i look at the reports theres a different defense team. Cant win any batlles like that…

Same here. Few of my friends noticed it too. Probably everyone’s defences are shuffled.


Can this be investigated? Is it purely a visual bug? I’m suspecting not as every team i got matched with was S6. Which is about right for a team with no weapons and mods if im not mistaken. Also many of the teams made no sense. For ex, Donny lead with 3 blues behind him. So from my point of view it looks like everyone’s def teams are being set at random.

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It randomly chooses the characters that suit the requirements, for you, if you didn’t do that already.
For example, it may be that 2 of the toons have to have the “damage” trait, and the ones in your set defense, don’t. So the game chooses 2 damage toons from your roster and inserts them in your team.

It’s not the damage defense that’s required, it’s the classic. It’s definitely not using the defense we’ve selected.

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There ya have it folks. Working as intended. :roll_eyes:


thats rediculous, I’ve set a defence team before arena starts and it wasn’t save


I received this same reply. I let them know that my defense team was set prior to the start of the arena, days ago in fact and so this is a glitch. We should be receiving compensation for another bug that directly effects all in the tournament. The tournament is almost over now.


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And as usual, radio silence here. No indication anyone is even going to look into this, especially judging by the replies from support.

@GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin can you at least acknowledge you have them looking into this please? Or do we all need to start spamming support until they understand its NOT working as intended?

I even mentioned it in JBs chat this morning, and he never even acknowledged the question.

I didn’t notice this bug cos I didn’t pay much attention to Arenas but that’s stupid as hell. Not everyone is able to be in game at the start of a tournament/arena to make sure they’ve set up a decent defense.

Absolutely happened to me aswell. Then bizarrely showed that I defended loads even tho each time I clicked on the fight it showed me losing.

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