Arena cheat or bug?

So faced this guy in arena and he decaped me whitout a decap… the character that is dead is sc andrea sheild. how is that posibule have i miss something or is it a cheat?

Yes i know my team sucks for atk but only wanted to get it done and was needed the shields to meat the needed team request

Have hes profile but dont want to hang him out before i know that it wasent something i missed

Umm Raul has crosshairs which decaps u duh


Ow dident know that crosshairs decaps then it all makes sence cool ty its good to know

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Crosshairs is basically like this

It enables a non decap toon to do it meaning If a bide toon reflected 3k damage on a 500 toon with crosshairs he/she will be decapped.

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Okey thanks then raul is way more usefull then i thinked lol

And Wangfa is even better

Good luck getting wanger

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