Arena champions screwed again

Timer was up…then it wasn’t…then it was over. I just lost a crap load of $$ and rewards… again

Why the fuck are you spending on Arenas :joy:


I came first in 6 of 8 arenas this week including Champions. Didn’t spend a penny. God knows why people are really. Laughing here with my 90 free Veteran rings


Cool story bro.

I lost value not real $$. Words are dangerous.

I’m sure that will happen every you are just amazing

WTH are you going on about…? Arena envy?

I like him am an amazing rng God. I single pulled the last 20 premieres and soloed crw.

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Arenas champions never opened for me. I waited for timer to end and it ended and never opened up so I couldn’t do any of it. So 5 gold tickets not used.

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So yes Jim Mac,…you have pianist envy.

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