Arena Champions lack of rewards for participating

Why does the arena’s final round not provide rewards to those who play in it? It’s fairly straight forward if you have made it that far and participated then should get something for your effort?

All the other stages I use the energy and tickets that are given and get a reward except for the champions. I am not going on about my low score simply why even bother going in if you know rewards are not there unless your spending.

I hate solo trophies as rewards. Especially as the amount of trophies solo is enough to put you in demotion anyway

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It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re spending or not.Pretty sure Arena is bugged still.Also Bronze gets champion tickets lol.

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The number of events and failed concepts must cost scopee something. Why not just make one thing good instead of 4 things half finish. Faction onslaught, hordes, and faction assault to name a few. Never been revisited or updated.

I think we had one faction assault event which was pretty cool just again it was not well planned.

If a player can earn something reasonably over time or purchase for quicker results then it’s a good event. If you continue to run these events and evolve then your player base will keep playing.

Or simply keep making events with bugs as one offs. Piss players off because they don’t work right or can only be completed if you purchase bags to get the last 1% your missing. And create a community we already have of upset never happy players.

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