Arena Burt Bug Problem

Hello survivours,
recently i had a problem in my champion arena. I had to fight with just one burt teams, and now i am not able to get any good rewards. I have like 12 points. Do you have the same problem? Is Scopely going to fix this and give extra rewards as apologise?


Same issue here and for several of us. As per usual support are useless and posts here go ignored and unanswered by @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely



Me too. Haven’t heard anything from customer support.

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I have had the exact same problem.

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Wow that’s sucks! Sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately I’m sure nothing will be done :man_shrugging:
Bc they don’t fix Broken Features!!! They just release New ones that are inevitably broken instead.
Territories is living proof of that fact, it’s been out for what, about 3 years, and its been broken since day one with ZERO intentions or plans to fix it.

As far as compensation goes I wouldn’t hold your breath. We all know they don’t compensate for their screw ups very often.

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