Arena bug...WTH!?

Is it just or is Draft crashing all of a sudden? When I was about to pick my 2nd toon for mu team it always crashes…COME ON SCOPELY NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT THIS GAME HAS STUPID BUGS. What happened to this game this week? Jesus. Calling the attention of @GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely or any Scopely employee here to address the issues at hand.

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Yeah it’s retarded I’m a sitting duck

Im having the same issue… as a result I’ll be falling way behind on solo league points will have to grind extra hard during raids to catch up… sux big time

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same error here, pick the 2nd toon and the game crash and quit…

Im probably demoting cause i cant do arenas right now. Most messed up week in ages

I think we’ve reached the point that if a week were to go by without a major error in the game, that in itself could be considered a bug.

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Its bound weapons, any toon with a bound weapon crashes the game and if you pick toons without bound weapons, you cant give them any weapons, instead of fixing this, scopely goes :man_shrugging: they are lazy but im gonna say they couldnt fix it if they wanted to, my conspiracy theory is things like this are done on purpose to distract us from things like Mr. Jones or things like Halloween tokens being converted into 25k coins

@GR.Scopely you gonna fix this?

Really? If you pick toons with bound weaps it crashes. If you pick toons without bound weaps you cant put a weap there. Come the f****** on. This is getting ridiculous. I am expecting a screw up with the next update.

Yup that is the issue, pick toons without bound weapons and youre fine but cant give them weapons so your teams useless and yes i am expecting another gate

I have the same problem

yo ni del 1 personaje podia pasar

Me too. Yesterdays arena bug cost me points. I couldn’t play for 3-4 hours.

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@TheSilence We have pushed the version 22.0 last week that should solve most of the issues encountered previously within Arena.