Arena Bug- Revive doesn’t work

Just lost my tickets, unable to revive toon.

Even if not decaped, if the toon is under the 100% heal reduction from Christa at the time of the reviving, it stays dead.

I agree, but the 100% heal reduction only applies to Rick. The other two dead toons don’t have the heal reduction.

The bug is visual… Christa’s AR deals 100% heal reduction to up to 2 enemies.

Visual bugs aside, that would mean Rick and one of the dead toons are potentially affected by the 100% heal reduction, and so the second dead toon should not be impacted and revive as expected.

True. :slight_smile:

Unless the AI is really that stupid and applied the revive action to the toon affected by the heal reduction. I don’t think there’s an animation associated to a failed revive, just the lack of reanimation, so it would be difficult to know this for certain…

I don’t even know what to say, to be fair… the picture doesn’t help too much, either. I don’t see the slow sign after Christa’s rush, either… It may be a bug… it may be the picture… Don’t know.

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Just go the Scopely route…”The feature appears to be working as intended. Keep surviving!” :joy:

I have noticed this happening a bunch, I concluded that it was because I have a empty bucket, thus Scopely doesn’t want me to win. So they just rig it, why else would it happen?
I’ve even tried reviving many turns after the heal reduction timer ends and still can’t revive.

If it’s common enough that you’ve had it happen many times, can you recreate and capture on video? (hopefully someone in your faction can put up a friendly duel team).

It’s just impossible to tell from a single screenshot what all the toon interactions were that led to this situation.

It only happens, or I notice it more in arenas.
I would record if I could to help prove the op correct.
I just replied so at the minimum they know, they are not the only one.

Yep, so if you only have one heal reduction showing, one of your dead characters is also suffering from heal reduction. It’s often frustrating to waste that revive because you don’t know which one it is if one is already decapped and the other is just down.

It occurs other places. I’ve run into it in raids quite a bit.

Grab a video please anyone who sees it.

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