Arena Bug - Need fix

Today i used 3 tickeds, won 11/12 And didnt get any points. Didnt move any place at arena ranking. Look like bugs with points.

Your not alone

You always get the highest points you do

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What do you mean?

Oh I see what you mean… that’s not right… and even if it were… I’m not receiving any points.

If you do like 15k in your first entry, then you get them as your highest score, if you do only 13k in your next entry, then only the 15k counts

Hi all, I’ve got the same pb, only my first score is remaining. When I use another arena ticket, my new score is not use but the new score is best than my first score…

Oh really… ok thanks. That’s stupid though but thanks. So rather than a grind it’s luck as to how tough your opponents are… assuming you always pick toughest opponents. Meh. Was sort of enjoying concept but bored now.

Ok thx, now i know, I wasted tickers lol

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