Arena battles NOT counting towards solo trophy mission!

As you can clearly see i have in this season alone 230K solo trophies AND ive been playing season 1. My problem though, is that solo trophies that i earn from arenas DO NOT count towards the mission. Please help scopes, I need those league tokens ASAP!!

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Nope is hard to program addition.
Computers that Can do this (caluculate funktion) is some years ahead

I didn’t think any placement reward trophies did count towards it?! Just trophies earned during the battles / raids / tt etc

That doesn’t make sense though. Lets say i place first in the champions arena. The #1 rewards are 1200 coins, 12 S-class crates and 12000 solo trophies. Ive placed #1 in the past 5 arenas this week which is about 60K solo trophies and none of them counted towards this mission. If arenas dont count towards this mission then solo trophies shouldn’t be awarded >:(:unamused:

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They count towards your weekly league position but not missions. Only ones “earned” not rewarded are

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that’s what I thought anyway

I thought the same thing, that the tournament rewards don’t count, just physical trophies for each action completed.

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Same here

Got 500k+ and only rewarding up to 200k :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk:

You sure? This has been reported before and it seems like a graphical display issue. The first image showing 586k trophies is accurate usually. The below picture if off, but you’ll still get the awards if you pay attention. Once you get to 800k you should get the tokens.

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