Arena - Another Lie?

Conveniently, @GR.Scopely forgot to mention that Champions Arena tickets is synonym for coinfest. Is this how it’s supposed to be? And on what basis are people grouped? In my arena it’s a mixture of platinum and diamond players

I don’t see any lies?
You earn them for high tournament ranks and from milestones?
I see no problem with the champion system working how it does. It’s intended for those who did best during the week to be the ones batting it out amongst each other for top places.
And it’s definitely not a whale event in my mind as I’ve come 4th, 2nd, 4th And 1st this week and spent £2.99 on a ticket pack. Hardly whaling

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I don’t see any lies here…

It’s been a successful scope failed rollout like everything New added to game.

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They are earned in 2 ways… No! They can be bought. If that’s not a lie…

I see no way of buying champion tickets? No bags for them, no offers, nothing. All you can buy is the Arena entry tickets and the amount of Champion tickets you could grind through milestones is negligible and won’t give you a huge advantage.
Stop being an over dramatic crybaby

You can buy them… Geez, do i need to SS it for you?

Scopely is to greedy to listen to all of u.

They don’t care if they deliver a good balanced product. For both f2p and p2p.

They only care for p2p.

Toc is the same. They should have given the whole region a legendary character.
Not a few tokens

Sure but it’s really not worth blowing 250 coins on them? Who would. You can’t buy the actual tickets. You can just buy extra attacks.

Ok. So here you call me a crybaby but in another thread you agree with me lol :joy:

Technically, you don’t buy champion’s tickets, you buy entries. Tickets are only from winning or milestones (and I would assume you can’t enter if you don’t have earned any tickets, according to the event announcement).

Still a stupid system, and sort of defeats (what I thought was) the purpose, but technically they were right.

Buy them with coins isn’t really earning them. At 250 a pop it’s not a great deal especially if arena is going to run every week.

I imagine there’ll be some people coining this week but if arenas run every week it wouldn’t be worth it in the long run for only a 1000 coin return if you win the Sunday event. If people wanna use a few thousand coins to win every week then they’re idiots and welcome to.

Yeah it’s new so I’m sure some will coin but after a couple weeks of it being around should even out…

It is a coin fest. It should have been only with championship tickets. Not with coins.

Ummm from your pic those scores are easy to get without buying champion attempts

So what?? Get over it and stop spamming the forums…

Buying attacks is basically buying tickets genius…:joy:

You need a champion ticket to get in. Can’t buy that

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Anyone who played got a champion ticket just from milestones (6 entries) so that means nothing.

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