Arena all a money making scheme?

Just a few things I have noticed:

  • Came up against myself during a round.
  • Defence not working properly.
  • Blue toons with AD weapon.
  • Defence teams from faction members who do not have the weapons the defence team has.

I call Shenanigans. This Arena is full of shit


Who actually cares arenas is trash.


First week was nice then it became a weekly thing. New milking cow lol.

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scopely’s additional money making :joy::joy::joy:

Were the blue toons with abs def weapons Tobin. He has a bound abs weapon

Hi, you must be new. Welcome to TWD:RT$.


Going make money until most players got their toon max

A fool(/s) and his/her money will soon be parted. If ppl wanna piss away their money/credit on faux glory, let them. I will happily opt for a real life purchase that brings me continuous joy without any planned obsolescence, thankyouverymuch.



Whole game is.

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