Are you warring?

I’m not. couple of hundred of yellow guy tokens and few balloons at stake. none of it will progress me or even help me to achieve anything . I used to hate myself when I was woken up by my daughter after just 2 hours of sleep after Saturday session but come Monday I was proud. now I just go to bed.


Yes…lots are it seems



Nope. Only 5 factions from my region are involved, and at least one of those only have one fight in…

I haven’t warred in months actually. Just boring.

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It crashed so many times for me, thought it’s a new nightmare event…

No. 7 chars

Very low activity is what i see.


Not warred yet, just can’t get excited warring for nothing🤗

Lmao love that one🤗

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Hell yeah, the cans are dropping.

Sadly I am since im in Usual supects. Aka the top 2 faction in lancaster

Upson didn t war at all.
tired of waiting for war to show but sadly it didn t show up for upson. lol

As soon as i saw it was another 16 region war i turned off the app and went to bed lol

people aren’t playing it like they used to, most peeps in the region could forget about war, we dont fill up queues like before,

plus why bother warring when you could spend 500 coins on an offer for same amount - cos logic


I guess you basically can say my faction isn’t warring cause it’s taking 6 to 7 hours just to get 8 players lol. No one wants to war anymore. It use to be fun and players couldn’t wait for a war weekend. Now…players could care less cause the factions you are matched with are impossible to beat. It’s quite depressing.

Yeah I remember the days we had to wait for reserves.

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yup, i play the game so ofc i war

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