Are you starting over or waiting for a region merger

I, like a lot of you all , have been playering for 3+ yrs. I’m in a region that’s dying. We have gone from 20 to maybe ten active factions in the last 6 months. I know I’m not alone. I was wondering what are all you doing?
Starting in a new region like Jeff Davis?
Holding out waiting for a merge?
Or both.

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Based on the number of players quitting, I think you’re missing the most popular option.


You’ve been playing three years and the thought of starting over again doesn’t fill you with existential dread?


I started over shortly before 6s entered the game, because my region was down to 3 active factions and two semi active factions. It wasn’t to bad starting over then. If the same thing happened now I would not be starting over. It’s to time consuming and way to much effort to even get a single 6


Bartow is hurting bad right now. There are about 6 active factions left, and no one good left to recruit who isn’t in one of those six factions. People are leaving… war is boring… no one is even trying for other tournaments… After all the time and money spent… its a slap in the face that Scopley refuses to come up with a solution. I will not be starting over. It’s just not worth it. It’s time to start merging regions. There are still many who want to play on a competitive level. Group us together so we can so so.


I started new region (new acct in old region) a few weeks ago to see if the new player experience was any good and it suuuuuuuuuuuucks. No energy, no 5* let alone 6*, scraping by on gear (but at least its farmable at that point). You don’t even have 4* roadmaps to work towards to build your team like you used to. War was embarrassing - I had 2* in my tower team.

I lasted a week and a half.


Im still full of stupid hope that they will allow player migration. All 30 of us will then say bye to our region and invade a new one.