Are You Really This Desperate To Sell Me Stuff

Every damn war offers pop up mid attack. FFS





Just buy it all. Problem solved


I have for some haha.

ÂŁ15 for some crap tokens a watch & a radio is awful value though.

Those tokens are possibly their biggest turds yet. Cost as much as past tokens with gauranteed ascendables, yet without the gaurantee…

You think that’s a big deal?

Wouldn’t mid-attack mean while you are attacking…:thinking:

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There are eight enemy camps, I was between attacking camp 1 & camp 8 each time these offers popped up, which is mid attack.

That would be “between” attacks.
“Mid attack” would be in the middle (mid) of a battle.

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You’re such a pedantic sod :joy:

However you choose to look at it, the constant pop ups slowed down my attacking.

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i had this it was annoying as hell. Also terr notifications popping up all the damn time.

Was also experiencing some lag on joining war. from when i clicked the war icon to actually loading the que and being able to hit join was 30s to 40s all day saturday, which meant i could never get in the war que and was always reserves.

When in a no1 faction the queue fills that quick a 5s delay can mean you dont make it

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