Are you moving when transfers open? Thank you Player Council!

Will you be making a move when region transfers open up? What do you think about the new characters in the Season 7 League Store? There is a large community here, but even more people don’t know about what is posted here so I have created FORUM WATCH. It’ll be an easy way for me to share info with my faction & others, as well as a place for reaction & feedback aside from LINE & here on the forums.

Thanks for watching & leaving your thoughts. I’m interested to see if region transfer is going to be another move that causes outrage in the community or if you’re making plans already & happy with the way they are rolling it out.

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Was hoping for S class but I guess Stephanie will be ok for destroying Negan.The characters are fine.(not great)

I will be transferring to a more active region. Just have to scout around wave 1 regions and decide.

Nope not enough time guarentee all our members can move over, we have folks on vacation or busy with real life things. Gonna sit back, watch how it plays and decide in the next round of transfers where to move to.

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