Are you looking for a new home?

Are you tired of wondering if your going to get booted come monday?
Are you tired of carrying your faction?
Are you tired or feeling like this game has become a second job?
Are you looking for a new home to enjoy the game again?

If any of these apply to you… then get in contact with me.

Active Diamond league faction is looking for 2/3 active players.
We have a great mix of f2p and p2p. No carrying needed, we all pull our weight and reach milestones.

Message me for more details/information.

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Factions are allowed to post their own recruiting threads. I’m moving it to the right board but do not merge recruiting threads.

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Ouch… LG shot ya down, sorry :sob:


LG hitting with the pure facts :dizzy_face:

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Fairly new to the forums so I’m not entirely sure how to get in touch with you directly but I’m interested in talking to you further, potentially looking for a new faction.

Give me your line ID and I will contact you

Interested…line I’d… cinderfella1

iam looking for a new home, an active faction who ideally finishes top 3 in CRW

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