Are you guys happy now?

All the scopely hate and crying… when all along they were working it out anyway. Yall needa chill and wait sometime.


Would they have worked it out if no-one complained? Prob not. Lol. Shouldn’t be up to us to point things out to them, but unfortunately it is.


Thank you dumbass people … just wasted at least 3m worth pts leveling 6 up at tier 4 to clam the box…


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We’ll never know at this point but it’s there now. Enjoy and collect your rewards.

And people… take a chill pill.

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Am chill ha our one time use our cakes and we people crying about them being useless and such. Then go head cry about this.

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I have no idea what you’re trying to say.


Dammit. I made her an S Class with the cones from the first collection. Lmao

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You don’t need cones for this collection. You need cake. Complaints or concerns?

Why is cheapier ?

“Why is” you making me think about what you’re trying to say?

I think I don’t understand your way of expressing yourself

If you honestly believe that than you must be new to Scopely but you’ll learn soon enough


Damn me either half the time.

I been playing for years. I don’t always understand it but somehow it always works out. I do believe putting some good vibes will get good results. It’s like a job… why make your boss’s job harder?

I’m happy now, I had to refresh and refresh store for gear but I’m happy now, thanks for your concern

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I think we need to stop making customers the villain here. Customers should be allowed to voice their concerns, many studies show if companies pick up concerns feedback etc that it leads to better retention that = More profit.

Some companies also have the view that complaints etc is golden, as it allows them to nip any issues in the bud = customer retention = More profit.

Can apperciate that this change has put you in a certain circumstance but feedback, complaints etc is fundamental to a business, and customers shouldn’t be deterred or shut down if they have a genuine concern to raise.

We don’t know what Scopely do or don’t cos they provide minimal information and engagement with us. Seen improvements but it’s not where it should be unfortunately.

It’s appears sometimes that Scopely doesn’t have much knowledge of the game, don’t actually play the game to realise things like the Priya issue doesn’t make sense and to not even implement it in the first place.

Hopefully through them getting into the product more, playing it, understanding the different customer journeys this will occur less and interacting more with their customers directly and professionally.


The amount of gates we have had, shows that it doesn’t always work out in the end

I was wondering why this second collection requests less cakes, but the same Priya?? I have a maxed Priya, but the game allow me to claim the collection with 500 cakes only. Kinda unfair eh?


It’s what happens when things are ill thought out. Hopefully scopely will learn from this and make sure it’s always equal amounts to other similar collections or adjust it now and compensate customers who spend additonal cakes, but make sure in future they adhere to a set stand and have checks to ensure this

People didnt spend additional cakes.

The players that spent 500 Red Velvet Cakes was for a fully maxed out tier 4 level 90 6 star Priya.
The players that spent 250 Red Velvet Cakes was for a tier 4 level 90 S Class Priya (which is 2 fully maxed out 6 star priya’s to even get)

So for 2 fully maxed 6 star Priya’s, and a mostly maxed out S Class Priya, I would say half the cost of Red Velvet Cakes is more then generous and the right call in my opinion.