Are you going for gear and trainers or Rick?

  • Gear/Trainers
  • Guaranteed Rick/Weapon

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Feel free to explain why in the comments

I’m gonna go through the 1st stash to get Rick – then use the leftover tokens to participate in the wheel. :slight_smile:

A little bit a both!


Well after 1 pull that went horrible I am going for Rick the rest of the way


Anyway we can see the 2nd stash contents.

Smart gal, exactly what I’m gonna do

Going for Rick obnviously. As for the 2nd stash, depends on the weapon. If it has a trait I know I’ll never get, I’m getting it.

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It’s bonus 35% attack when HP is over 60%.

I will almost always chose a stash where I know what I’m going to get eventually over RNG. This game’s RNG has fucked me too many times. So far I’ve pulled a walkie (lots of gear depot markers) and 5x brady from the stash. IMO a million times better than 2 gas masks.


Bonus attack to go with his high attack stat? Sure, I’m down. Sounds dumb as hell but I’ll take it over any opportunity for a couple of Bennies.

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Has to be Rick. The stash stinks but at least we get a toon. The wheel looks fantastic for the first 10 or so but wait for it to completely spin around. There is so much garbage on it that it’s almost pointless to waste the tokens on a pull. I am gonna save up and wait until near the end before I do any pulls. I have no idea if they will be generous or stingy with the number of pulls given.


If it were only legendary gear in the wheel, I would have done that. But with my luck, I’d get all goggles, longcoats, etc

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nice job putting fucking elite and 4 star gear in very low % for 6 star gear well fucking done just another fail.

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time for 4/5 star gear is over when are they going work that out…

I’m waiting till the very end to see how many actual badges i get. Takes 3,200 power tokens (aka 32,000 badges) to get rick. That’s 32 pulls for gear. Hopefully get around 6,000+ power tokens

Grabbing rick first then waste pulls on the wheel. Disappointing weapon mod scopely choose Could have at least been life steal instead of something I can easily craft myself.

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I see no point in going for yet another toon, a mediocre one at that, I won’t be able to upgrade so I’m going for gear.

not certain but don’t fancy Rick that much probably going all out for gear…

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If gears are for sure
No doubt will go for gears

The worse rng in the history of the game possibly