Are you enjoying the war?

sadly with current rewards and milestones i am lacking in motivation to join the war party :neutral_face:

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When was last time war had good rewards?

Sort of.

Rewards seem sweet, you get to choose between heads (which aren’t super useful if you don’t have Kapoor) or working towards a war wheel pull. The wheel tokens don’t expire anymore, and have moved more to milestones; both are a huge huge win for mid-level factions. Plus a decent amount of gold mods and other useful stuff like gear and arena tickets and collectible boxes.

Meta is so-so. Plenty of battles are fun, but the gap at all levels has become enormous with Sclass and Vet rings. Couple of months ago, F2P and mild spenders had a decent chance to get a win against everyone [ETA in a battle, not the war], even if they ended up losing the war. Now you’re often completely without a chance, and trying just means you end up with fewer points.

Event isn’t great. 8v8 is a pain to fill for a lot of factions, and you notice it in the matchups. We’ve been spoiled by two 6v6 wars that had quick fills and many even matches. [ETA] Good that they kept milestones at 150k though, 200 was a pain to hit some weeks, and even if you made it in the end, the fear was always there.


No sick facing 8 petes every war lol

Also sick of retreating coz people wont drop D when they are out scored


Same here.
Regions are full of to many s class toons.

Isn’t worth value to apply time for very little.

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It will get boring very soon unless we get a few free S toons (like Kapoor) which needs special gear (obtainable from all tournament milestones) to level up. More and more people are getting Pete and unless you have SPriya he’s very tough to beat. Of course you can win using others instead of SPriya but it takes too long.


Worst war I’ve ever been a part of, matchups seem like they completely sucked up to those whale factions, making them war with mid tier factions. It’s evident now. The blatant, shameless favouritism that has been displayed over the past coupla weeks, disgusting and of no surprise.

Trying their best to get rid of these mid factions with 8v8 and mismatches. They don’t give a shit anymore and if this goes on I won’t either. Have cod:mobile to resort to instead of wasting time in this shit show. Smmfh


Im doin pretty good v pete with a melee team featuring a jacked up new Michonne. That strong trait damage plus a heath buff gets her doin 4k+ damage per hit against ANY sclass.


This 8x8 format is too boring. It should not be more than 6x6 and preferably 4x4.
With faction size as small as 30, people keep on waiting for others to join and doze off


Pete is easy but with all those red S-class to back him up it’s been rocky keeping the ■■■■■■ down.Some if not most of us don’t have super whale teams.


War is always heavy stacked the match ups are reddicullouss very uneven matches

Pete + Kapoor = yippee!

Heal … Heal… Heal… Heal… Etc

Everyone should have switched to Priya once her collectible items were made available. That’s what I did. I still haven’t gotten Pete, but having priya is amazing. Not sure why everyone is obsessed with defense in this game. Much more fun to attack.


Not really and I usually love war. Total lack of motivation, either heads for Kapoor which do nothing to make his useless AR any better or war tokens for a green toon who is already dead dead dead in this everyone has SClass reds meta :joy:

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no it’s pretty terrible simply because we’re all spending 33% more time just waiting for 8 person team to fill than actually warring. Which also makes it much harder for people to hit max milestone which was probably Scopely’s plan


I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and at no points did “everyone” have a chance at beating whale factions

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could beat most teams before s class… Even head to head pts till they coined…

We got an innapropriate AoW here. Ill matched faction power. So it’s boring for the top facs and the lower ones get crushed. We try to even things up a bit with lower defence amd such but it doesn’t help with the lack of excitement. It turns the weekend into pure grind. Rewards will be good i suppose, but it’s not worth the tedium

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Beating the faction? Certainly not. Winning battles? Achievable if you grind hard and play well.

Hit 200k so i guess so. Bit bored of seeing Pete, Christa, Kapoor, Ajax teams over and over and over and…