Are you done creating new regions for existing players?


As the title says. Are new regions ONLY for brand new players now? All the transferring stuff aside…I want to start over in a new region with my current prestige. Took time off, came back way behind in old region and it’s not even remotely fun trying to catch up.

So to come back to the game and wanting to play full time I was wondering if you’re now done opening new regions for existing players?



If you start a account on a new device it brings you to a new server and you can’t leave it so I guess that means no more new regions for ppl to start over in because transfers


They made some new French regions recently


That sucks. So basically my choices are start brand new and lose the prestige I basically paid for in the past. Well not basically, that’s what it is lol. Or try to catch up after months off and that’s has proved to be not fun unless I want to spend a crap ton of money again. I don’t mind dropping a little here and there but it would require a ton and at that point I might as well open a new account to start over…


Pretty much


Hmmmm. Do you know how old they are? I don’t speak French at all LOL. But I may not mind being that guy who can’t understand everyone else haha


Month or so


Dang. I know that’s not old at all but I’d kind of be just as behind. I mean a couple months off killed me in my old region but at least there I have a developed team somewhat.

Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll just have to figure out what is worse…Starting over and saying goodbye to my hard spent prestige or being bored to death trying to catch up…Or hell…Maybe just not come back? LOL


Just stay away. It isn’t worth it anymore.


That bad now? LOL

I don’t know. Maybe I will. If I can’t carry the prestige over to a brand new region I’m not going to start all over on that too. Literally paid for that prestige. Ideally I never would have left but had to. So now that I’m too far behind…

@JB.Scopely Any insight from the inside man?


Seems like they have stopped creating new open regions. I suspect it has to do with the hacking that was rampant in new regions.


Yeah. I found out they are creating new ones (or have been recently) but strictly for brand new players. Which I actually understand. I’ve seen far too often the region hoppers that are huge spenders (and hackers) that go to a new region and kill it outta the gate.

I’m not trying to do that. I don’t necessarily want to drop wads of money on a new region but I was looking to come back with my prestige 13 account (yes, I was spending since before we had prestige and clearly after). I’d still spend here and there but I want to come back fresh and be able to utilize the prestige I earned after being gone for a few months.

So I see both sides. And with so many dead regions after the transfer stuff became possible…We’ll see. I just hate to throw away the prestige 13 benefits which really mostly benefit you if you do start out in a new region.


If anything transfer to a region that you can place every event in it takes time to play catch the medals are a pain to build up now


Even 5* at 4 tier can give you big points in level. Sr you can beat bronze, silver auto fill auto play. Gold a little more tricker. Raid you should be facing opponents at your roster level


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