Are you absoultely 100% positive indomitable is not broken

My abe got hit by a zeke ar he gained 673% defense one of my mates claims to have seen abe get 795% defense It seems a wee bit broken and the more I use my abe the higher the defense stacks I’m getting I just wanna check I mean it is pretty scary seeing abe get thesse high defenses man there figures I’d thought Id never achieve lel

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Shhh, I just got Abraham from the Prestige wheel. Planning on ascending him, so, don’t spoil the fun, boyo. =3

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reminds me of a youtube video where someone was reading ‘pregnant’ misspellings


Don’t know if this helps or not


Here is the basic idea.

Guardian 1 was trash, so for 6* they made it Guardian II, which actually is good (OP a little)

Indomitable was very good with super teams of 5* but they added it to 6* but did NOT change it to be ID II, it’s just the old specialist skill and it doesn’t work well for 6* because of the crazy high stats AND because CRIT is now everwhere.

If Tyreese double attacks and CRITS, it doesn’t matter, Abe is dying.

You’re forgetting that Guardian in general got buffed to block status effects too, so if that buff had went through but Guardian 2 wasn’t created, Guardian 1 would still be relatively useful. (It was originally quite limited to the characters it was tied to regardless as well as the meta not accepting of crit versatility.)

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Yeah that was so long ago almost forgot how weak it used to be. I think there was 1 war maybe where stunning a guardian shield worked.