Are y’all messing with 8% and 20% weapons in the update?

Per scopely staff, this is a issue with description, the functionality of the weapons will not be changing

This effectively makes something players invested tons of time and effort into, worthless. “Except wave one”

% AP weapons AND toons like gov, that people spent for, to get the bound 8% weapon.

Everyone got these for raids, nobody got them for Walker stages. Considering raids only have one wave, these weapons that people invested time and money into getting, will be rendered useless.



Haha ^ that pic looks fimliar…

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It’s jack lol

Please say this is a joke.

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It’s not a joke, it’s scopely.


I am willing to accept a refund now.


Well that’s unexpected…

It is, but it isn’t. The armory and 8% weapons especially, have been a major fiasco for some time now. Scopely is likely concerned with players using huge AP lead, huge AP weapon, and 8%s to make their defense fire off on the second turn(like all those obnoxious Andrea teams). They are trying to get ahead of that, because they need to continue dropping toon ARs to sell promos.

@CombatMan this seem about right?


I don’t get it

Don’t get what?

what was changed?

He doesnt know how to use the 3 sea shells… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: props if ya know the movie quote


Made it more clear in the OP

ohhhh thanks. I should go to bed.

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Pretty disgusting if they go ahead with this nurf. I used a lot of tapes and kits to get my 8% weapons.

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Do you people have to screw up everything in this god damn game? My god, the destruction of this game has to be a plan. No one can be this dumb


I will accept 2 kits and two tapes per AP weapon in my inventory. This update makes each one pointless and i would have never made it if it didn’t take effect turn 1, period.


More like 20, plus $300 for gov

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Well they did beat me to building my all Barker team. My primary concern is that they crossed a line here and changing any weapon as they see fit is not something I wish to be a part of. If they are truly looking to show people the door this is one surefire way.


You mean like changing character stats or introducing 6* into the game?