Are we ready to discuss this weekend's CRW?

  • Uneven start…
  • Fair response/compensation
  • Waring experience (new toons)
  • Rewards from war wheel

Ridiculous X4.


I 100% expected a response from someone at scopely by this point. Even if only a generic @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely response explaining what current issue is and next steps to rectify.

Explanation on what the point of a sodding poll was Friday when they ignored the results wouldn’t go amiss either , considering that led to the pile of proverbial we call “compensation”


Yeah… that completely ignored poll was something else (they sided with the 15%)

Rather than siding with the 15% I think they went for the cheapest, easiest recompense option.

Stopping the war and sorting blanket compensation that sorted coins and resources spent seemed like far too much work on a Friday afternoon.

Much easier to give blanket crap out and leave the game unbalanced all weekend as hey, who gives af about balance anyway /s

As things stand it’s just business as usual for scopley.
Compensation was better than hiking boots and bloody shirt we usually get.


In my opinion, it was wrong from Scopely to give #1 and #2 the same prize. It is unfair for #1 and should never happen again.




Pretty much…


aside from the fact that many of us including me either missed all or half of the war, the groupings and rewards scaling are ridiculous.

With 16 regions in groupings now and the rewards not changing, you will not get a pull from war if you are outside of the top three in your region.

this leaves more than half the factions playing with no incentive to play anymore.

Edit: No pulls from multiple wars either, as positions 50-80 get 100 tokens which = nothing before they expire.


This was the biggest f up in the last 4 years and the comp they gave was laughable the fact the scopley really has been 8n hiding since friday proves how much the dont care about the players war tokens should have been given out as comp since thats what every fraction below the top 3 was truely missing out one


The poll was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.


I can’t wait to see what happens in 2 weeks when another CRW comes up.

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GR not to respond fair enough, he’s a minion in a different time zone he’s not going to comment till the US guys get in. But for nothing to have come out yet is a complete joke, in light of the ‘response’ received only last week about how they will do better.
To hide behind, we gave you compensation already, is ridiculous. Comp was sent out in a panic late on a Friday because they wanted to leave for the day, never mind the fact that a lot of people were still frozen out and the war was unplayable.

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You know the person who put up the poll probably got his ass chewed out for putting it up lol

100% disagree with the fair response part:

Poll >action from said poll



Everything scopely did was bs and they pissed off everyone who was on at that time. They are now doing their usual thing by ignoring people and rubbing their nipples with hundred dollar bills.

I also pulled Vincent.

On the bright side, I couldn’t be more proud of my faction for having the resilliance to stick it out despite it all. We were locked out for about 6 hours to start the damn thing, and ended up in pretty decent placement. We would have been higher had we been able to war, but we did well nonetheless.


Oh ppl got screwed out of war tokens and locked out of the game…

Oh jeez that’s terrible, tell us more


Watching paint dry would be more fun

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