Are we getting the update before CRW ... save data incompatibility


I’m just wondering if we will be getting the new update real soon as my device is telling me i have a save data compatibility issue and cant use it to play

i have the amazon app which won’t be updated for a while so i always keep the android app on it also to swap around but i am still locked out waiting for the update


Are u switching between apple and android?


no im on android only

i do have amazon app but kept the android app on there in case of this emergency, which has worked before


A quick search of the forums for “save data compatibility” will answer your question. As far as the update goes, this likely won’t be pushed out before war because there is not enough time to get everyone updated. This is part of the negative side of being in BETA.


thanks, i am keyed up on how it runs, it is just i run 2 accounts in different regions on 2 different devices. both use amazon app, but also have android app incae of this problem.

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