Are we getting rewards this CRW? πŸ˜…

Looks like war rewards have been scaled. Oh wait, it’s only for the top factions :sweat_smile:

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Still garbage. I’d like to think it was scaled because of more regions involved this time, not because of #playersunited.

Also, more RNG pulls? No thanks. High chance those participating in ToC don’t even need any of those toons from the WD tokens regardless.


Those are war tokens and toc bonus only applies to milestones not rank

is this also a rewards for non ToC ?

As long as I’m not paired against 15 other factions, should be another free pull for me.


top 20 get a pull it’s better than it has been

Junk the 70day war wheel



hmm war rewrads scaled up! prolly means we have a new 32 region crw

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depends if they are doing this 16 region bullshit again.

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JB said this war is non TOC even though TOC gets to play it, so im guessing the boost doesnt apply for a non TOC event.

I mean every event is run simultaneously in TOC and non TOC regions. For example this level up. So if the milestones aren’t under the boost, that would be pretty flagrant.

I’m in a toc region, got the 3mil milestone, same rewards as any non toc region

What about ppl doing aow? Anyone know the prizes for them?

Awful I’m afraid 15-16 factions means even warring all weekend we will finish around 80th so nah pretty terrible unfortunatelyπŸ€—

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hmm still no post even towers for war?

16 regions isn’t necessarily bad. Only 20% of the faction competing getting war tokens, is.


Nah. They are a little different. 3 million in non TOC gets 12,000 tokens, 2 lilliths and a gps.

TOC gets 15,000, 3 lilliths and a gps.

Love Aow rewards Normally finish 3rd, CRW nothing in it for us with 16 regions☹️


I mean, AOW is boring from a matching point of view. But at least the rewards are worth it. CRW is far better from a gameplay perspective, but get zilch from it lol


Totally agreeπŸ‘