Are we getting a response?


So… any idea of Scopely’s response to the community? Cause we are all saying mostly “lower milestones” and “no more level up” along with more shirt drops cause the level ups fucked it up. Obviously they ignore us and continue giving us the middle finger and look away.

So, again. Can we get an answer from SOMEONE!? Shane?


she already made her point


His response was weak and just flared more questions than answers.

“Get ready for having these often.”

Is he talking about the level up? Tournaments? What about the milestones? Will they lower them? When? Would they at least give us more tournaments to get more shirts that AREN’T LEVEL UP? What about the zero energy roadmap? Are those not gonna appear again?

That was not a response, that was just a goddamn bomb that didn’t answer anything the community was begging/asking.


guy… come on. the topic was solo lvl up and did they lower the milestones in the last weeks?


We wont hear a peep from anyone until monday, what with Thanksgiving and everything


Look I’m going to summarize Shane’s point:

From the looks of it, Shane said that the reason they put out solo level up was because according to data, more people seemed to be more active during solo than faction level up, and have the opportunities to go at their own pace, without being told what to level up. I think what she meant by, “you’ll see more of these often,” was only in this Turkey and Threat event." The original schedule scopley had planned like: the six star gear map will be perhaps released next month mid of the month since the events are done, so yeah,after these events end, everything will go back on par, and the milestones will be back to normal except the 1m one, and new content will be in the making. These events pushed the six star gear maps back which is why they have solo level ups right now.

Keep hope alive…


Kalishane is a she. :wink:

You need to see the quote in the context of the thread. She affirmed, that we are about to see more solo level-ups coming up. Because Scopely thinks, that this is what the playerbase wants. She said somewhere, that the engagement of the players in solo events was higher.

Also she has commented on the 0 energy map already. Those won’t come up again was the last thing she said about it.


i really doubt that scope thinks the player base wants more solo lvl ups. scope wants them because (as kali stated in another thread) the engagement (coining) is higher in solo events.


Gonna call her a he cause Shane is in the name and I prefer to think Shane is working for the walking dead community which… holy shit we have been betrayed.

Anyway, on the other parts?

Hahaha… exactly. Can we get an answer from Scopely? We are saying WE DON’T WANT MORE LEVEL UPS. Fix the milestones. We are asking many questions which they aren’t answering truthfully or just gave us "we are discussing/ we are thinking about it/ we are seeing it(but not gonna do anything). You just made more questions, because they have been giving us more solo level ups than never. We saved toons for faction level up and didn’t put that much effort on solo.

In my region, when I check the last 6 level ups tournaments… do you know what I see? First place, always with either 1.300.000 million or 1.600.000 and that is just first place. Second and third barely made it to 1.000.000.

Then we have the surprise. One tournament someone made 2.400.000 million… but only he made it. 3# barely made 1.400.000 points.

Can send pictures, but to much hazzle.

Scopely have been fucking up with this. Shane did say we “were gonna see more like this” or something but he/she didn’t specify. Making everyone say WE DON’T WANT ANY MORE SOLO LEVEL UP. But did they listen? Did she answer the 60+ replies to the post?

No she didn’t, she just got silent. So, asking for them to answer those question. Will they fix the milestones? Will the solo level up STOP? Will we get an answer that doesn’t raise more questions or leave outrage in its wake?

Everything and more on the next episode of dragon- Fuck this. She won’t answer and she can’t cause the greedy bastards behind this game don’t care. Money is money who cares about the community.


Seems funny that they say Solo Levelups are more engaging when they only have 1 in the 2 month event going on for dwight. Also if they gave reasonable rewards for a faction even they would get just as much participation. More actually. I think it is just easier to say that and drop a solo with stupid high milestones. In my server when we had yellow guardian rick as the faction levelup prize the “engagement” was really high. Why was that ?? A decent fucking prize… What did we get for first place last faction level up 6k fucking coins. No everyone is not going to go all out for a couple coins to get another Zeke. So everyone got the dwight milestones and quit. But my voice has no meaning because I dont spend shit in this game anymore… I refuse to even do tap joy because of there bullshit. All we get is bullshit lies from them…


I do not mind the existence of the higher milestones Nor do I mind that they put the museum pieces at the higher milestones Dwight is an ascendable character of some merit and if he’s to be difficult to achieve that’s okay in my book.


The removal of lower milestones and the weak support of higher milestones is really aggravating.

To reach the higher milestones you need to either prep for a long while (which is okay!) or have 6*s at your disposal ( which is also okay!)

But the rewards for reaching those milestones just don’t fit the bill.

2 mil for 6 pieces of gear needed to t4 makes sense. To have to rack up 12 million points over six level ups to acquire that gear just doesn’t make sense. Having beanies at the 500k mark is all kinda of retarded. A t4 5* at lvl 1 can only net you 160,000 if you max him. So needing 2-3 of them to acquire a milestone which rewards you with…a beanie, which in turn can help t3 a 5*, is a negative return on investment.

Adding the higher milestones was fine. Replacing the lower ones and not upgrading the rewards was a ridiculous move.


They have answered.

And it’s no to what you want.

That mystical player stat graph machine said we want no more 0 roadmaps and more level ups.
Like it said we want 6s to be super powerful, 5s to be absolutely worthless apart from been SR worthy or Ascension food. No more ascensions of older 5*s and a new power creep for us all to enjoy.

Keep on Surviving. :grin:

Unless…you think your been lied to…?


Your not seeing this post in the context. Go to the thread an read it again. Her answer is at the very beginning of the thread (post #6), not at the end. So she is not responding to 60+ posts, but one of the first posts.

The first post shows the rewards. Second post mentiones that there are less token than last level up. Then we have 2 memes about so many level ups, and then a post with a screenshot proving people can’t reach the milestones. The whole thread at this point is a couple images and 5 sentences.

And then she writes:

I’d say she is refering to one of those memes. Everything else makes no real sense to me.

I don’t need pictures. There are some on the forums. And it’s the same there and in the servers I am on.


1-She gave just ONE reply… Her only message, which isn’t really explaining anything. Just stating a fact and not answering the question that the message made(her “be ready for having there more often” mean more level up which she HAVEN’T CONFIRMED but we all know is what is happening).
2-We do not want more level ups we all said, they haven’t responded to our questions about them being more in the future.
3-In your own words, they are "giving us more level ups because they THINK it is what the playerbase want? Are you new to the forum? We are sick of level ups! Only one faction level up so far after having four or three solo level ups before that one. Most of them one after the other. This begs the question. Are they truly SEEING our messages? Do they care? They don’t even read them. They just assume we love their ‘level ups’ because we are leveling our toons more constantly than raiding or some bullshit like that. I do not put effort on solo raid tournaments just the same way I do not do it for solo level ups. Sure, I made it to the milestones that are part of events but that is it.

They throw more level ups, Shane went silent. In your words they think we like more level ups when we have been saying we hate them since day one, we hate SOLO level up. Let it be faction level up at leasts but noooooooOoOo. It needs to be solo.

So, yeah. Her message doesn’t answer ANYTHING. The whole thing was about the solo level up and milestones increase while ignoring the community. Giving us question about them actually giving us attention or not.

That is her only message. Her “having these more often” applies to solo or faction level up… or just level ups as a whole? What about the milestones? Will they lower them as the community begs them? Will it continue to increase? How can you achieve 2.400.000 million milestone or 1.300.000 milestone in just 24h? What are they thinking and how could they believe this is fine? Those questions are left there.

We don’t even want level ups with those fucked up milestones. We want better milestones. We want more responses and not just “thinking about it/giving your thoughts to the team” comments. We want god damn answers. Not just throw something at us and then go silent. So many threats have been made about people going away because of this issues and more threats made because people are complaining about it. But where are the answers?

Again, do they even care?


exactly tt72! its in their hands to improve participation at faction events. they just dont do that and say on the other hand ppl like solo more.


It wasn’t just what she said, but how she said it with such pride and arrogance that made her post so off-putting


I don’t know what you want from me. Are you a non-native? You seem to have some problems understanding the written texts here. Also you quoted her wrong a couple of times. In the way she said it and from looking at the posts above her comment, you will see the context in which she made that comment. But you are totally setting it in a different context. Hence the statement makes no sense for you.

People complained about solo level-ups. She said we should prepare to face it more often.

I agree. And I have stated that multiple times in different threads, that we don’t want them so often and with so high milestones in combination with so little stuff to gain from them.

I’m not new to the forums. Are you? Does it make difference? No. And again, you are having difficulties understanding my post. You write: "In your own words, they are "giving us more level ups because they THINK it is what the playerbase want? Are you new to the forum?"
You quote me with sentence made up by yourself. I have not said anything like that at all. Your way of arguing is really irritating.

But here you go: They are giving us more solo level-ups, because their data - despite the comments on these forums - indicates that these events gets most of the players involved. That was what they posted here somewhere on the forums. You most likely will find it using the search function.
They have game analysts who make the decisions, and those don’t necessarily play the game, they look at the data that their tools provide them with. That’s a whole different story.

Again, I have said no such thing in the post you quoted. I just clarified this for you a couple of lines above. in this post.

Again, the thread was about solo levelups. There was no comment about faction level ups. Why would she talk about those then? This is highly unlikely. And like I said, they stated somewhere, that they are focussing on solo events, because most people participate in solo events.

Concerning the milestones. I’m totally on the same page with you. I feel the same. However, remember the game analytics? As long as they see people making these milestones again and again (and some people still do, maybe because of months of preparation, maybe because of undetected hacks, who knows what else?), those guys will think, that the milestones are fine. Everybody who has prepared such a levelup knows, how insane it is. But maybe the analytics have not, and so looking at the raw data makes them think, it is manageable.

I agree. But I’m not the one to answer that question.

At the moment, it looks like they don’t care. They will start to care, when sales drop again though I’m sure.


You are the one that said so in your first comment on this threat. But you keep forgetting. I’m complaining about them not listening to us then saying that they ‘believe’ that is what we want when they have a forum where people have been saying “no” to level ups as a whole for months now.

On that one quote alone. I answer myself. I do not WANT YOU to tell us what you got out of Shane’s 35 word message. We want an explanation on how they believe that level ups is what we want when they have a forum where people continue complaining on level up? Shane didn’t say THAT. She just said “We want to make it less about having to wait for them and more of a way for you to get what you’re looking for at mostly any given time.” Where in there does it says they are doing it because they believe the player base want it.

I’m quoting you, because YOU said so on comment 8#. I’m quoting you, you said it. Stop complaining about ‘not having said anything like that’.

You do know there are new stashes where they give trainers right? If you pay and dry them out of trainers and save them for more than two times… you get a considerable amount of toons to achieve the 1.000.000 milestone. Basically a pay to win. Unless, you have been saving your trainers and having a training ground with 300 of the last training ground on waiting. Which continue being a hard thing to do. There are ways to get trainers, sure. But if you use them on all your level up tournaments to reach the middle milestone then it is impossible unless you pay to win or have been saving for more than eighteen tournaments’s value of trainers from each war and other methods such as tournaments that give trainers

That wasn’t for YOU. It was for Shane. She didn’t say it was only for SOLO level up, just level up. Didn’t specify which one so she can at leasts be more clear on her words. That she said it on someone complaining about the solo level up have nothing to do with it. Just the fact that it is a level up. People participate more on level ups or solo level ups? Did she said that? You said that. I haven’t seen a post where she said that

Just went and checked on her messages/activity. She never mentioned about how they got the ‘data’ about the level ups. She never even MENTIONED them believing this is what the player base wants. They are doing it because they want to. They are experimenting, not caring about our comments and we want answers which they don’t give.

Everything you said that “shane said” is a lie. She never mentioned it being only SOLO or FACTION tournament. Just level up. Never specify, you got that and want to believe that. I need clarification first from the source not you who aren’t even an admin just a random player of the community. We want answers, that is what so many comments running around are for. They are asking about when will level up ends? Why so many level ups?(they never said WHY they are giving us more. Shane didn’t said it, so where do you took that they believe we like it? They never said the decision came because of us. They may as well be experimenting once more. Don’t give the “data” bullshit either. They have “data” before and failed the community epicly many times in the past)

What about the milestones? We want them to answer about the future of them. Will they stay like that? Will they listen to us? Will they decide to implement another form of getting more ‘points’?

So many questions. I do not need you to answer from them when you don’t even know. YOU just speculate and give us what you think, not what the admins think or want to do for the future. Shane didn’t said any of the things you said she did. She may have point it subtly but didn’t said it outright. Kinda like saying “we are looking into it”. Like they would solve the problem but in the end they do nothing. They aren’t saying it outloud because obviously we will call them on their bullshit and they would need to answer for it cause THEY said so. Use their words against them and shit. We want them to be truthful but they won’t be. Because they aren’t planning on doing what we want? Maybe? Without them answering the questions of the community how do you expect me to see them? Like good people? Like they are clean of lies?

They are EA. They won’t care for us unless the pay-to-win bastards stop buying coins.


We get no reply to what matters to us. But ask what other games do you play and you have 2 officials interested in no time at all. My guess is to get ideas about what new features to sale to us.


Oh, I missed that sentence. I give you that. Still you are quoting wrong. You are not quoing my words, but how you interpret them and mark that as a quote with quotation marks.

Put it in the context of the thread, and you will see, that it’s highly unlikely she is talking about faction level-up. Why would she, it wasn’t even mentioned in a single post. Go there and read the thread.
I’m not coming to this thread, to reply to other threads, because it makes no sense in how forums work. Why would she do that then?

Like I said above, I overread that sentence. Happens. You’re still quoting wrong though.

No need to tell me. I know how this game works.

I’m not going to reply in depth, makes no sense arguing with you. I’m just going to quote myself:

You know the search funtion? If you had used it, you might have found this comment for instance.

So maybe you start informing yourself, before you accuse people of lying. I’m not going to search every bit she said for you. Do the legwork yourself.