Are we getting a faction assault event soon?

^^ just wanting to know if anyone has information


Must be coming on 6 months now since we’ve had one.

I’m sure we will have one as soon as they figure out how to monetize it.



Are people still asking about this?!?!?

The only reason it was “stated” a faction assault was on the horizon is because so many people got millions of fa points from skull gate so a certain member of staff said there was one incoming as to keep the gear drought alive in the Hope’s of players needing to to either coin refresh league store OR buying from shop offers …

And sadly for a lot of people it worked.

Oh there will be one soon but it wont be so soon. Could be as weve waited long enough but the initial plan to keep everyone holding on to the tickets unfortunately worked.

I cant even get both of my factions to run a few here and there to help get s class gear that’s sorely needed

Furthermore it was stated by a staffer who quit the very next week so the troll game was strong.

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I may be wrong and confused with something else, but didn’t they originally state there would be one by the end of November, then put it back to December, then put it back until after New Year?


They’re taking It to the team. In the meantime, buy some offers.


Sort of. The original announcement, as far as I remember, only stated that they would do a content update for FA, the way they did for SR. I would assume this includes new tiers (possibly even finally adding the Governor), reward adjustments, etc. People assumed that there would also be an FA event at the same time, as that would make sense, and GR later seemed to indicate that such an event would take place.

But yes, they said that they were intending to have it ready in October, then November, then end of last year/early this year, which as far as I know is still the official ETA (end of last year obviously didn’t happen).

The whole thing also shows how FA events were a terrible idea with how FA works. It went from something cool you do with your faction every couple of weeks to something you do once to twice a year, but then lots of it. In addition, it causes unhappiness in factions because there’s always some people who want to do one. In the game mode that is most likely to lead to drama anyway, with people “forgetting” the rules, or accidentally hitting too hard on auto etc. IMO, the whole system should be reworked.


It’s never a problem is everyone has 24 hours to make a very weak team and do a single wave of hits then die. After 24 hours up free for all.

The fa event is another beast on it’s own. You csnt have everyone on all day every day whilst play sp it can cause a lot of crap.

Again, all this build up of tickets for FA is going to cost a lot of unhappy players who will have about 50 plus chances at tier 6 Negan but will miss alot when their time zone needs to sleep

Scopely should definitely change rewards sp EVERYONE in the faction gets end rewards even if not used a hit

Sure, but someone will “forget” even though we wrote about it in a faction message. And it will be of no consequence because everyone will get a hit in, possibly after some nagging. But it will still cause bad blood.

50 plus chances is a bit outside the realm of the typical I’d say. The last one was in May, for simplicitly let’s assume at the end, so including January eight months. At about 30 days per month, if everyone hits the cap every day, that’s 8 x 30 x 30 x 1350 that’s 9.7M tickets, and at 260k per T6, about 37 runs. The first event was 18 days or so long, the second one a full month. If you wanted to use up all of them, given these durations, that’s one every 12 hours to one every 20 hours, which should generally be enough time for sleep and work for most people, given that you can hit one in the beginning and the other toward the end often.

And again, that’s if you hit the maximum a 30-person faction can achieve, which I would assume a lot of factions do not.

But I agree, the whole thing needs a redesign. Or thy should commit to never oing anouther FA event after the next one. Because the way this currently works oly makes the game worse.


Don’t forget you could buy tickets during the events too. And I think tickets were in some rewards.

Sure, but who would buy them if their faction has difiiculty going though all of them? And the ones in events probably won’t add more than 2-3 runs, I would assume, so don’t change the numbers that much. The big difference maker is going to be whether you hosted a lot of people during skullgate, and some factions will have received a hue windfall from this, but at 10k per, you need 26 people to get one run, and I doubt many factions will have recieved that several times (although some will, of course).

There’s also the option of leaving some lying around for the FA event after the next one.

I somewhat suspect that they will add T7+ Negan, or maybe the governor, with Sclass relevant rewards, but to run them requires both regular assault tickets and golden assault tickets, which you need to earn fresh (or, of course, buy), or a massive increase in the number of tickets required paired with an increase in the number you can earn. That’s the way they handle the player base having too many resources (see SR depot and Armory)

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Is that rhetorical? Some people will spend on anything in this game whether or not they perceive they will use it all up before the event is over.

Everyone in the faction should get the same rewards. There’s no reason to have a tiered reward system. It causes issues every single time. Also, Tara has been totally worthless for over a year. It’s time to give us a new toon that we’ll never be able to level up already.


Early next year

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end of 2021

End of the 2000s start of the 3000s

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