Are we ever getting territories for beads again?

Most of us are short tons of beads for event and wirh 12 days left before it ends you would think territories would have opened by now any info admins!


We’re lucky we even got it 1 time. They won’t do more.

need 20 more opens and 10 ars from toon no one has.

ive used over 2k+ beads…

now lack of box drops tops it off

They need to do something cause any if these events dont give enough I barely had enough to do the 1st act when it opened up this time now I gotta sit and wait for another event to pop up just to get to the 3rd act and won’t be able to complete it

And if they do open up the tt again they need at least 6 cause only 2 sucks when the top faction always gets at least one and then have the other factions battling over the other and then noone can hold it esp if they do 2 hours again

Yes but the 2 hour territory event was for ice cream cones and chocolate cake, the one before that was beads, 6 territories opened.

Hope my friend HOPE.
They are not getting 1 more cent from me for playing this convoluted slot machine.

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I need 21 more and yes I would like another territory event as I am low on beads

It’s not looking good for F2P again☹️

Hooefully they open all locations this time ! Or give us event details prior to launching! That would be lovely lol

theres an elena roadmap been up over a week. it has 15 stages. more than enough to hit 10 ar uses. shows on calendar terries opening again Tuesday

You made me lol, thanks

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im assuming you meant elena lol

We need fucken asain women roadmap…

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