Are we allowed to discuss banned users and our own interactions with mod staff?


This question came up as I was reading the rules and guidelines(again), because they keep changing. Figured I’d ask, so we can be clear on the topic. Can I please be directed to where this is not allowed, per the guidelines, or get an okay on creating a topic? @kalishane

They’ve been edited 9 times in the last 4 months. How can you expect anyone to read them and follow them when they change biweekly? For the sake of discussion, I know we aren’t allowed to discuss moderating actions in terms of posts deleted/moves, but are we allowed to discuss interactions we’ve had? Because I’ve got one hell of a gem in my own personal experiences.

Actually, the rules state “Discussion (or inquiries) of flagging, moving, closing, or removed threads or comments in the public forum is prohibited.“

There is no section on removed users or bans, simply posts. The way the rules are written, there is nothing against talking about former users and our interactions with staff. Am I missing a portion of the rules?



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Rules will change as people try to work around the spirit of the rules to cause upset.

This is a perfect example of needing to now adjust.

In general we want to go by the spirit of the rules – however, some users try to work around the rules (hence this post right here.) – we then have to edit to adjust for clarification.

Moderation includes any form of moderation. Banning, closing, moving, warning, suspending, etc.

Great point though – I will adjust them now to help clarify!

Thank you final boss!