Are we allowed to criticize scopely?


This is mostly a question for scopely, are we allowed to use this community forum to criticize game decisions made by the developers? Lately a lot of threads have been getting deleted with no explanation what so ever. Some of them seem fine, don’t seem out of line and mainly just seem to criticize many of scopely’s recent decisions which seem to be causing many people to leave the game. Do you guys want feedback on what players think of your decisions? Isn’t that the idea behind a “player first approach”, to build a game that the players are enjoying and focus on the player experience? How do you hope to achieve that if you outright ignore player feedback and delete opposing opinions on your own forum?

I hope this thread doesn’t get deleted as I don’t see it as out of line in any way, just critical of scopely’s community management strategy. However that might be enough to get it deleted these days, I’m not sure, as we aren’t being given any real explanation as to why so many threads are being deleted. I’m confused about the conduct requirements on this forum and how to present a critical opinion without having it censored.



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@Andrea_Scopely can we please get an explanation on the delete wave? Why are legit threads being deleted?



Scopely is life. Scopely is love.

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let them delete all the threads, let them censorship and ignore our criticism. The good thing is they are not competing in North Korea or Zimbabwe, but on a worldwide market. And they will sink. Will open a champagne when that happens

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That avatar that Andrea has suits her so well though, making that “shhhh” sign.



Scopes be like:

then when we look the other way:

nothing to see here…



deleted for bullying



criticisim is fine.

all we ask is you follow rules and guidelines.

no posting personal information of anyone, no insulting, no threatening, etc.

It’s all there >>

That’s all I’m asking.

If a topic is too inflammatory and is also a violation of guidelines we tend to unlist so it doesn’t continue to cause a commotion.

Threads are closed with reasons and this should happen from here on out. If you find this isn’t the case, feel free to PM me and we can discuss.



We can’t PM you when we get banned and we don’t understand why?



Closing is one thing but delete is a whole new level.

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There’s been so much censorship on real conversations. People aren’t trying to be negative, but they’re being silenced. Posts get deleted without even knowing what was a violation. It’s so vague, again, you are deflecting and just basically saying “anything we as a company don’t agree with gets deleted.”



@kalishane please take this to “the team”

  • The community would like ascendable exisitng 5 stars
  • new and improved supply depot lots of us sitting on tons of supply depot points not knowing what to do with them
  • better milestone rewards for all , including new players
  • more transparency

@kalishane i have Said it before im in the hospitality business for a long time and sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot , please start listening to Your player base
With all due respect



Fine, delete my thread/post. But atleast take the time notifying me what part I wrote violated the TOS. Getting deleted without even a explanation is just shady.



I don’t know but…in most civil countries…there’s something called freedom of speech.(just saying)

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hey buddy whenever you get a chance can you check my post that @'ed you about the 4* parts map. Thx!!!



Two more threads deleted…

I dont see how calling out Scopely for an F rating with the BBB or its horrible ratings on Glassdoor violate any ToS.

If anything, customers have a right to know how terrible a company is.



Alas, that only applies to government restrictions on free speech.

In any privately held realm, the common perception of free speech doesnt apply. Scopely banning forum topics is within their rights as owner of the forums.

Although, they really need to weigh their policies vs alienating their customers. Right now all the delete/bamhammer is doing is solidifying their image as customer last-profits first.

@kalishane @Andrea_Scopely



I get the need to delete inflamatory topics, and to be honest some of the threads deleted probably fell under that description, as they were written in anger. The main thing I criticize is the approach to deleting threads. Like nice said, we aren’t given any notification as to what part of the post violates the TOS and we are left to scratch our heads. Would it not be a better approach to simply close these topics and leave a post explaining what part of the posting violates the forum guidelines? Right now it seems like its not even necessarily the original post that gets a thread deleted, but what participants in the thread post after the fact. At least thats the conclusion I am left to draw without any explanation.