Are u kidding me!

what is this…again! I just had 20 bloons and the map reset twice…what am I suppose to do if I cant get any bloons

Theres 20 in the shop

You can reopen B and start the cycle again. Luckily you have 10 backup there

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I dont have any

Says 10 in the top right tho

That was the first time

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Nvm I thought u ment something else…yea I have 10 but not wasting until fixed

Fair enough, you’ll get 10 more when the balloon roadmap resets then

Yea I guess…I really want these rewards and times told to us

Luckily there’s plenty leeway in this event. So far it seems so anyway. As long as the roadmap switcheroo doesn’t become a mainstay

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Plenty of leeway as long as you play in your sleep and work

Once every 8 hours. Unless that 8 hours is smack bang in the middle of your sleep pattern you should be okay… and from the maths I did earlier, once every 8 hours every 8 hours should give you as 12 token overshoot of the 72 missions.

I need ma sleep parker

I forfeited my freedom and sleep about nearly 4 years ago lol

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