Are turkeys dropping or not?


@kalishane - are turkeys dropping or not? Official blog post says only corn drops, but in-game message says corn and turkey will drop from the roadmap. When there was inconsistent communication about the length of the zero energy roadmap, we were told he in-game message took priority over the other messaging.

If th policy is that in-game messaging takes priority, then turkeys need to start dropping or need their drop rate increased. I know some players have got them, but no one in my faction has since the start which leads me to think the turkey drops were nerfed.

Feast or famine event

Extremely rarely I’ve been grinding a bit and see for yourself


normal information from $copely… even them self don’t know what they are doing


They are dropping but rarely. I got 2 or 3 on Tuesday, none yesterday, and a drop this morning.


Just got my 3rd turkey drop earlier today, have only had it one time per day though. playing one of the maps maybe 30 times per day.


7k corn wth… Yall are some serious grinders. Scopely knows yall are fiends and this is why we get treated the way we do.


Not a penny spent mate , just grinding cheers