Are things getting Worse or what

After reading Scopes promise of the future, I thought they might change for the better, It looks like things are getting far worse, people getting locked out on new features, display issue in the museum. Zero support for a faction mate trying to make a purchase for piper, didn’t get a valid response for 3 days.

Was that just smoke you are blowing up our …

Please work on fixing the thing you promised, and when you rollout something new make sure it works. How about working on those promised items.

So do you think Scopes is even getting worse?


“Scopely” pledged, assigned deadlines… Let’s wait for the result, and then we will discuss… Errors… Mistakes, of course, there are… No mistakes only one who does nothing…
My opinion… :nerd_face:

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If they drop this new content before any quality of life updates for the game then I would say unequivocally yes things are getting worse.


Worse with each passing day.


Hot garbage.


Even if they wait until really close to their deadline, you realize they’re just going to say they need more time.


The only thing i see getting worse is the peeps crying in the forum!


Game is getting worse with everday, for example drops romanov and few days later boom veteran stats boost.


Then you’re not looking hard enough.


I’m not asking for anything big but I think they should give every player 8,200 coins every day. If not Scopely is a power hungry company that doesn’t care about its customers.

Oh i look very hard…that is just what sticks out around here.

Huh what you mean

Yes it’s worse, Every day for the past few weeks, I think the degradation of the game has stabilized, and then Scopely does something to make it worse. For example …

  1. I think most of us now would be shocked if any event deployed without bugs.
  2. For some reason, Scopely has actually opened more communication channels while at the same time removing almost all actual useful communication.
  3. Instead of improving game play by reducing the gap between ftp and ptp, Scopely is actually deploying stuff that makes the gap worse.
    I could keep going but it’s depressing.




So the errors and issues of being locked out and all the glitches don’t? Blinders.


Pretty justified :hugs:

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retirement is near

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Lol…you are funny…you are just proving my point.

And you’re proving mine.

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Releasing new content and failing to fix the things that were broken. Their promises are complete turd.