Are these weapon mods possible?!?

Or is this cheats?


Hacked weapon


Double specials with one of them having a score of 0. Ofcourse that’s not possible through legitimate gameplay…


Where did you get that?

So blantant lol. Not even trying to hid it.

You’re right those are cheats.

Same thing happened to our faction in this war. I got stunned for attacking a fast Sandy.

Maybe William did some ‘favors’ for Earl, if you know what I mean.


How dare you show something like this cheating there will be scopley white knights on soon telling us to get good or that a f2p weapon something to that effect.


Is there a way for him to take that pic without William being on his roster? Is he the one cheating?

William is a beast of a toon by himself, giving him a double special trait is ridiculous

Two mods on the weapon and zero green filled in for mods lol. Not to mention the dual specials

What cheat lol. This is a legit F2P weapon, am I right? @JB.Scopely

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he lacks stun when attacking on his second slot and it would be a perfect weapon… maybe a photoshop.

Well I’m pretty sure you can’t take a photo like that off of someone else’s roster so it must be his

You can check it after you’ve attacked the person once.


U can if they are a faction mate

I see now. After u scout. Learn something new everyday lol

Enemy as well, once you have attacked them.

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I want this. Who do I need to contact?

Gotta love photo shop.