Are these two worth ascending?

Don’t have the kites or whatever, so in curious if they’re worth doing.

Both do good damage

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Yes, I just t4d Wayland, and so far he’s good.

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Jealous you got Ryker

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I got him off a forty pull.

I got mine from missions for doing a 40 pull lol

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That’s how I got Wayland lol

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What use is it? Priya will just steamroll them.


I’m not really a high enough level yet for Priya to be a problem.
I get steamrolled either way.

Seriously, who cares? The few people willing to spend 1.5k on a toon were steamrolling everyone before Priya, and they will do so after. It seems completely irrelevant.

Topic: Wayland is pretty good for a fast decap, and Ryker seems ok too (I have that one, didn’t use him yet so I can’t say how effective he is in practice). Medals and Fodder is relatively easy to come by, so ascending your first copy of any toon is rarely a bad idea.

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