Are these the worst rewards ever for war?


Looking at the quality of prizes, the state of the game(6* meta), and the number of regions being matched, are these the worst prizes we’ve ever had?

  • Yes
  • No

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When is the promise of ascendable war rewards going to come to pass?

As bad as these are, there’s always worse :joy:


Keep in mind, ladies and gents, that this is a CRW and not just any regular war or blitz.

Take that into context when voting, imo.

Previous CRW included ascendable Siq. The critical-failure-Albert-Wei-CRW included commando-Maggie.


next time they can put 4*s as reward, would almost feel better.


That’s why I say yes they are. A year ago, these would’ve been decent. Now, comparatively speaking, these are the worst rewards ever, IMO


thats it !


I just got a whole lot busier this weekend now lol cleaning my sock drawer… maybe I’ll find a quarter :joy: this is a hawked up loogie in the face of people who play regularly and if you don’t think so enjoy the abuse milestones just absolute trash too


I would say so, it gets even worse when you realize you have to take on multiple regions for this


no… lets go back to Caroline days?


Sweet Caroline…


Great prizes, time saving indeed.


And that is why I completely agree with you.

Just putting it out there for the “no” voters. Just wanted to make sure they understood the context and why this CRW is so terrible.

And it appears some of the CRW has SIX regions matched. SIX. For ONE Spencer. SIgh.


For a CRW? How?

I mean, if you are comparing this CRW prizing to regular or blitz I can see why … otherwise, not really?


last regular was two bennys… this one is basically one benny :confused: super disappointed


When Caroline was a 2nd or 3rd place reward, it wasn’t CRW with at least 4 regions and 6* hasn’t came out yet. That’s the big difference and why these are the worst of all time to me


Back in Caroline days, Caroline was DECENT during that meta.

Put Spencer in your teams today, and see what happens.


Some have been screaming for Spencer to be a war reward. Now that he is there are more complaints. Not sure Scopely can win without handing out canteens, gps and ascendable characters like candy. Hopefully the event makes some happy.


People were screaming for him when we were under the impression he would be ascendable.


Germany vs Japanese


lol i still dont have her. id take her over this shit