Are these characters all supply depot only?

Just looking through some of the museum collections and looking at which characters I am missing.

Are these all supply depot only? They show no other way (not in prestige, 4star/5star, premier, elite or ascendance) to get them so that’s what I am assuming.

Jesus “All Out War” Fast 5*
Hershel Tough 4*
Angela “Made to Suffer” Fast 5*
Tyreese “Miles Behind Us” Fast 5*
Dwight “All Out War” Strong 5*
Andrea “All Out War” Fast 5*


Jesus I’m pretty sure is only in the monthly pass crate for after 1st time buyers.
Hershel and Tyreese… I’m not sure on. They used to be all over the place but seems to have dried up.
Angela and Andrea are in training grounds
Dwight is depot based, I know that.

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Jesus “All Out War” Fast 5* ---- from the 30-day pass crate
Hershel Tough 4* — Supply Depot
Tyreese “Miles Behind Us” Fast 5* ---- Supply Depot
Dwight “All Out War” Strong 5* ---- Supply Depot
Angela “Made to Suffer” Fast 5* ---- Training Grounds, you need a lot of time to get 1
Andrea “All Out War” Fast 5* ---- Training Grounds, you need a lot of time to get 1

Good luck getting the last two.

Did not know those last 2 were in TG - almost 2 years straight of TG and maybe 2 5*… maybe 2.

You are luckier than I am. I’ve been running TG 24/7 in two different training grounds for at least two years and I have never received a 5*. I leave the other two training grounds for using up survivors/training shorter runs for level up tourneys.

On my 3 years of playing the only two 5* that I got from the TG were a 5* Green Zeke and Angela this Morning… Maybe I would need a year or two for getting that 5* Fast Andrea…

Thanks all. What is the 30 day pass crate? Is that the same thing that gives you coins every day?

30 day pass gives you 250 coins on the spot and 70 coins per day, the crate however is given after your 30 days is up which gives you a chance at 1 of 4 4stars, 4 5stars, or a trainer.

All the museum collection 5-star toons should just be put into the league store. It makes total sense but of course they won’t do this because they can’t stand to do anything that might make the players happy.

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All out war Jesus is in training ground as well. Not just the 30-day pass

No hes not, dont spread lies.

Jesus is only in the 30 Day Pass Crate and Training Grounds.

Hershel only Supply Depot.

Angela and Andrea are also only in the Training Grounds.

Tyresse only in Supply Depot, aswell as Dwight who also is in the Training Grounds aswell.

Totally Agree. It’s a joke how the Training Ground even gets counted as a viable source. I’m already full of joy when not getting a 3*, but 5* are just on such a high level of rareness.

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Yeah, training ground sucks balls. We need an improvement. Elite character tokens also suck - costs the same as new recruits wheel yet it gives you 3* garbage and no 6* toons. I suggest you should remove it completely.

I have gotten the 106 AR character from the training ground.

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They need to put slow yellow Andera somewhere she is the only Museum toon you can’t get anywhere. Wait she is in tg now that’s still almost like you can’t get her

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